Recycling of forklifts and electric forklifts

Vi-Rus Ltd. recycles lifting and transport equipment, forklifts, electric trucks and platforms.

Depending on the needs, the intensity of the load and in order to optimize the return on your investment, we offer two classes of recycling:

  • class S – complete disassembly and replacement of the units with new ones.
  • Class L – disassembly, assessment of the suitability of the spare parts and units available from the disassembly and their replacement with new ones.

The offered recycled machines have new parts inserted in them and a warranty included.

The recycling of a machine is a process that goes through several stages and is performed by our specialized technicians.

What are the advantages of recycled forklifts?

Of course, the advantage of recycling is the price, because their price is more affordable compared to buying a brand new machine.

Secondly, but not least, you get security and reliability. When you buy a recycled forklift, you know that all depreciated or damaged items have been repaired and replaced with new ones.

If you are interested in buying a recycled forklift, or you need your forklift to be recycled, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The recycling process goes through several stages that will ensure the complete serviceability of the machines:

  • We start recycling with diagnostics to determine the condition or damage of the machine. Complete disassembly of the machines;
  • Cleaning the chassis and lifting system from old paint and rust in specially made bathtubs for complete paint removal
  • Subsequently, all unusable or worn parts are replaced with new ones
  • Replacement of depreciated or damaged parts with new ones – engine, electrical installation, bridges, HDP, etc .;
  • Complete interior and exterior painting, and in addition we apply a special coating to protect them from corrosion
  • Assembly and installation of new tires;
  • Carrying out tests for the proper functioning of the machine.