Vi&Rus produces forklifts series VRD, VRG with a capacity of 2.0 to 5.0 tons.
To optimize the operation and maintenance of our machines, we offer a variety of solutions for their equipment, concerning the engine, driver’s cab and compartment, replacement equipment and much more.

Forklifts, series VRD, VRG, are universal machines for carrying out lifting and transport activities outdoors and in storage conditions, at stations, ports and airports, for in-shop and inter-shop transport.

The trucks are adapted to work in the temperate climate zone, in the temperature range from -25 ° to + 45 ° C, in explosion-proof and fire-protected premises.

The workplace complies with modern ergonomic requirements and offers good visibility in the management and handling of loads. The seat is anatomically adjustable, with spring suspension and hydraulic shock absorber. The pedals are arranged in a car. Free access to the individual units is provided.

The hydrodynamic transmission is single speed. The built-in inch valve, which is actuated by the brake pedal, ensures a slow travel of the truck when precise maneuvering is required.

The operating voltage is 12 V. There are indicators on the control panel: for the coolant temperature, for the amount of fuel, control lamps for charging the battery, for the oil pressure in the engine and the direction indicators.

The engine is a diesel D3900K or gas G3900K, licensed by Perkins. Deutz, four-stroke with water cooling – ISUZU and NISSAN