Electric Forklifts

The electric trucks, VRE series, are universal lifting and transport vehicles for transportation and ordering of palletized goods in storage conditions, at stations, ports and airports, for in-shop and inter-shop transport.

Available with load capacities of 1.25t, 1.5t and 2.0t. The electric trucks are adapted to work in the temperate climate zone, in the temperature range from -25o to + 45o C, in explosion-proof and fire-protected rooms.

VRE series features:

contemporary design
high maneuverability, which is a result of the minimized overall dimensions and reliability;
ergonomics – optimal conditions for the driver’s work are created with appropriately selected ergonomic indicators.
The electric trucks, VRE series, can be joined by different types of interchangeable equipment (fork leveler, positioner, range of specialized paper clips, paws and jaws) for specific cargo handling.

On the control panel there is a capacity indicator, reading the condition of the battery and a signal lamp for the direction indicators.