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The main activity of V&R is connected with:
  • design, manufacture, trade with electric and diesel forklift trucks and electric platforms;
  • repair, renovation, service and after-sales service of electric, forklift trucks and electric platforms;
  • fitting and equipping of forklift and electric trucks with attachments and variety of lifting equipment;
  • manufacture and trade with spare parts;
  • manufacture and population of solid printed circuit boards;
  • designing and manufacture of electronic devices;
  • designing and engineering of stainless steel equipment in the sphere of food-processing industry;
  • renovation of old automobiles and a range of rough terrain automobiles;

The design of the equipment is a result of the bilateral successful co-operation with the studio for industrial and automobile design “WESFOT”- Sofia. The design of the figure is simple, modern, up-to-date and suitable for the operational features of the trucks. The trend is toward the future, giving opportunity an unattractive on first sight product become an interesting, fine-looking and practical one.

The range of the “V&R” products could be offered equipped with great diversity of options, including:
  • cabins of automobile design, metal cabins, movable cabin of nonwoven textile fabric, all equipped with heaters, as well as with semi-cabins;
  • forklift attachments for specialized processing of loads: forks extensions, side-shifters, fork-positioners;
The main principles for the success of the company:
  • The success today means to be better than yesterday;
  • Our partner is the best investment;
  • Correctness and accuracy - this is our business;
Our challenge is the market.
Our ambition is to be the first with the right decisions.

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