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Production and populating of solid Printed Circuit Boards. Developing and manufacturing of electronic devices

More information can be obtained at WWW.VRINT-PCB.COM

Consortium “V&R International”, in Plovdiv, is a private association, established in 2000, on the base of the existing since 1992 company “BIOPRIBOROSTROENE” PLC, specialized mainly in design and producing components, devices and articles in the field of electronics.

The production line is restored and put into operation for production of non-populated, one-layer and two-layer printed boards, with the following technical abilities:

  • Minimal track width – 200 µm;
  • Minimal space between two tracks – 200 µm;;
  • Minimal size of platform/outlet – 0.8/0.4 mm;
  • Maximal size of the billet – 420x350 mm;
  • Final protection cover
    - chemical potasium;
    - chemical Nickel – Gold;
    - alloy tin/lead, infrared melting;
  • Solder mask – one- and double- side;
  • Service (white) print;
  • Contour milling;
  • Scoring;
  • Photo moulds.

The board metalling is accomplished on special line “LAIV GALVANOTECHNIK” GmbH. All the technological processes are controlled by microprocessors. Board outlets are drilled on CNC machine “LENZ”.
The manufacturing of masks, photo moulds and photo print is accomplished in clean premises by machines “SVECIA”, “D.R.S. Littlejohn Limited”, “INTEC”, “GES”, etc.
The high quality of production is guaranteed by:

  • Optical control "BOARDSCAN – 500" and microscope “OLUMPUS”
  • Equipped chemical laboratory.

All chemicals and basic materials used in the process of production are from world famous companies as “ARGON” – Italy, “DUPONT” – USA, ”ELGA EUROPE”, “PETERS” and “ISOLA” – Germany and others.
All precautions for avoiding destructive impact on the environment have been undertaken. Wastewater treatment station is equipped by “SHIFER” GmbH. The line is into operation since May 2001.
The consortium owns a line for populating of bare boards with normal electronic elements, including:

  • Automatic machines, “HELER”, for preparation of the elements;
  • Semi-automatics working tables;
  • Tester for incoming inspection of elements, “DELTA TEST”;
  • De-ionizing machine, “NASKON”;
  • Machine for rinsing, “Holiclin”;
  • Solder-wave, “HOLIS NOVA”.


The line for populating of printed circuit boards is coming to be put into operation.
The inspection is guaranteed by equipment from the companies “VAVITEC”, “FLUKE”, “TEKTRONIX”, “HITACHI”, etc.
The consortium holds own design-developments of the following kinds of final products:

  • Series optical electronic sensors, to detect presence of non-transparent barrier, which find application in automatic control systems;
  • Series level-controllers for liquids in technological tanks.
  • Series ultrasonic testers for establishment of early pregnancy of young pigs, sheep, cows and horses.

The consortium disposes of 3000 sq. m built-up area with already established infrastructure.


 2006-2011 Copyrights by V&R
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