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Electric platforms, EP series, are designed for transporting loads at short distances. They are reliable in operation on hard and smooth surface and ambient temperature between -25 and +35oC.
General purpose electric platform trucks of EP2000 and EP3000 series are vehicles with load capacity 2 and 3 tons and traction force up to 2500 N. The electric platforms can be equipped also with cabin model EP2000K and EP3000K.

The chassis is non-dismountable construction of welded steel profiles. That provides a reliable fixing of the components and modules, as well free access to them for repair and maintenance. The lighting system, illuminating and sound signalizations correspond to the international norms.



The front steering axle is suspended hinged to the chassis. Rubber shock absorbers provide smooth motion of the machine in overcoming the unevenness of the road. The great turning angle of the steering wheels allows achieving a minimum turning radius and high maneuverability in movement of the platform. The steering gear is mechanical, and may be worm hypoid gear or hydraulic.

Drive axle

The rear drive axle is suspended flexibly to the Chassis by two longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs.
The traction motor lies parallel of axis of the rear axle. Torque is transmitted to the driven wheels through a 2-stage main gear with tubular gears, symmetrical bevel differential gear and full-free semi-axis.

Electric system
Electric equipment is Curtis type or built on a resistor-contactor scheme of indirect type.
The machines are providing with rechargeable storage batteries operating at 80V.
Headlights, position lights, direction indicators, brake lights and horn work at 12V from storage battery.
Power and operating circuits are protected by fuses.
On the control panel is located capacity indicator reporting the status of the storage battery and signal lamp for direction indicators. As an option be mounted and motor-clock.

Brake system
Electric platform trucks are equipped with drum brakes built into the drive wheels. Brakes switches in two independent ways: hydraulic (operational) - controlled by a brake pedal, and mechanical (parking) - controlled by a lever. Pressing the brake pedal, the drive circuit is interrupted, which protect the traction motor and battery to overload.

Technical specifications 

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