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V&– manufactures forklift trucks, series VRD, VRG with lift capacities from 2.0 to 5.0 t.

For the purpose of optimization of the work and maintenance of our machines, we propose various decisions in their assembly concerning the engine, cabin, drivers place, shifting equipments and many others.

The diesel forklift trucks, series VRD / VRG are universal machines for lifting and transport operations at open air and warehouses, at stations, ports and airports, material handling into and between workshops.

The forklift trucks are adapted to work in temperate climatic zone within temperature range between -25 and +45o C, on explosion-proof and fire-proof premises.




The operatorís space meets present-day ergonomic requirements and provides good view for driving load handling. The seat is anatomically adjustable, spring suspended and with hydraulic shock- absorber. The pedals are located in automotive order. A free approach to particular assemblies is provided.


It is a firm welded construction, maximum stiff, ensuring good protection, free approach for maintenance of the assemblies and components and long life of the truck itself.

Drive axle

It is a firm cast steel beam, containing main conic spiral spur gear, a differential gear and final one stage reduction gears.

Steering Axle

It is a substantial and secure construction. It consists of a firm steel beam, double-action piston cylinder and classical ball joints.

Power-shift transmission

The power-shift transmission is one-speed. The built-in inching valve ensures slow motion when precise maneuvering needed.

Electric system

The operation voltage is 12 V. On the control panel are located indicators: for the cooling liquid temperature; fuel level; control lamps for charging the accumulator, oil pressure in the engine and direction indicators.


The engine is D3900K (diesel) or G3900K (LPG), Perkins licence; Deutz; D243; etc., four-stroke, water cooled.

Hydraulic control system

A separate spur pump provides pressure for the operation hydraulic. The oil-tank volume is quite enough even if the truck would be equipped with forklift attachments. Safety valves assure slow lowering of the load even with a hydraulic hose torn.
Another spur pump provides pressure for the servo-amplified hydraulic steering system. A priority valve is fitted into this system thus redistributing oil to the operation hydraulic when steering wheel does not rotate.

Lifting mast

It is a compound welded construction of high-strength hot rolled shaped steel.
The mast may be three types:

Two masts with a centrally located cylinder; normal free lift

Two masts; wide view; two cylinders on both sides of the static mast, normal free lift.

Three masts; special (full) free lift.

Technical specifications 

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