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Electric forklift trucks (FLT), series VRE, are general purpose hoisting & hauling equipment for carrying and order of palletized cargo in stores, at stations, ports and airports, as well as for handling loads into & between workshops. The series is available in range of load capacities 1.25, 1.5 and 2.0 tons.
Electric FLT are adapted for use in temperate climatic zone within temperature range between -25 and +45o C, on explosion-proof and fire-proof premises.
Series VRE could be distinguished by:
modern design, which is a result from cooperation with the industrial and automotive design studio “VEFOT” Sofia – an ingenious harmony of vanguard shape, compact and neat arrangement;

high maneuverability, being a benefit from its minimized overall dimensions;

ergonomics – optimal conditions for operator have been created together with expediently selected ergonomic indices.

It is a tough welded steel construction, box-like and maximum stiff, ensuring good protection, free approach for maintenance of the assemblies and components and long life of the truck itself.
The built-in control panel, with automotive layout, provides maximum comfort in the driver’s compartment. The control instruments and devices are ordered in conformity with the present-day ergonomic and occupational safety requirements.

Drive axle
The transmission assembly consists of main drive and differential gear.
The traction electric motor is fixed to the axle immediately.
The whole driveline module could be removed not disassembling the lifting equipment.
Steering Axle
The construction covers large angle of turning the steered wheels thus enabling minimal turning radius and high maneuverability for FLT. It consists of a firm steel beam, double-action hydraulic piston cylinder and classical ball joints. The hydraulic cylinder is powered by a hydrostatic servo-amplifier with a safety valve built in to preserve the system from shocks on the steering wheels. In case of a power failure in the electric system the FLT could be steered by without the servo, as well.

Lifting mast
It is a compound welded construction of high-strength hot rolled shaped steel.

The mast may be three types:
Simplex – Two masts with normal free lift
Duplex - special (full) free lift.
Triplex - Three masts; special (full) free lift.

Hydraulic system
A separate spur pump provides pressure for the operation hydraulic. The oil-tank volume is quite enough even if the truck would be equipped with forklift attachments. Safety valves assure slow lowering of the load even in case of a hydraulic hose torn.
Control of the hydraulic system is carried out by a three-sectional (standard equipment) or four-sectional valve with direct relief valve built-in to assure overload preservation for the system.

Electric system
Control of the series VRE forklift trucks is performed by a pulse controller “Curtis”, enabling:
• smooth travel speed control;
• limitation of maximal current in the motors;
• Pump-motor speed optimization;
• setting the optimal speed for the Hydrostatic steering pump;
• power losses decrease;
• minimum noise level.
The battery works on 80V

Standard electric system includes:
• beam headlight and tail beams;
• direction indicators;
• brake-lights;
• back up alarm.

Amber flashing beacon on the top of the overhead guard is an option.
A capacity indicator is placed on the control panel to read the state of the Battery and also direction indicator warning lights. Hour meter is an option.

Brake system
The brakes are hydraulic powered and the brake assembly is small thus advancing good ergonomics in the driver’s compartment..

Technical specifications 

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