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Our company manufactures cabins for engine-driven and electric forklift trucks and electric platform trucks. We make two types of cabins depending on the prevailing material:

flexible cabin;

Used for engine-driven and electric forklift trucks. It is made from non-woven plastic textile, based on flexible and weather-resistant polymers.

It is removable, fixed to the overhead guard frame. Fitting and removal it is very easy. It protects driver compartment against wind, rain and cold. There is a motor wiper on the front wind-screen.

The design is very suitable solution for already purchased forklift trucks equipped with overhead guard only, if necessary these machines to work outdoors in bad weather conditions. We offer this type of cabins and their installation on all models of forklift trucks, including those which are not our own make.

metal cabins;

Cabins of this type are designed for in-factory installing on our make trucks. The main structure is made of sheet and structural steel, and is designed to protect the driver both against an accident and bad weather.

These cabins are our own design, applicable for engine-driven forklift trucks and electric platforms.
They can be obtained as an independent device. Side windows could be opened for ventilation. There is a wiper on the front wind-screen. The lighting system meets the European Directives for road and off-road machines and includes front and rear working lights, direction indicators, signal lamp (optional).

The design of the engine-driven forklift truck with a metal cabin is protected by Certificate of Industrial Design.
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